3 items you should never buy refurbished


Refurbished gadgets and computers are highly underrated, and something that most of us could benefit more from. A good proportion of deals online for refurbished laptops, tablets, phones, games consoles and many more are actually great offers, with products that have only been opened and never used, or perhaps restored by the original manufacturers. However, there are a small number of items we would always buy brand new. Don’t consider recycled, second-hand versions of these products, or we think you’ll live to regret it.

1) Hard drive

The reason for not being a refurbished hard drive is simple: they don’t really exist. There is actually no way to refurbish an hard drive and get it back to its original, brand new condition. Even if it has merely been used before and not evidently damaged, it’s likely that it has deteriorated, but it’s very difficult to analyse the extent of this. Traditional hard drives contain moving parts and are delicate, so even the better ones tend to age badly. It’s simply not worth investing in a cheap second-hand model that could corrupt or wipe your data.

2) Printer

It could be that a printer has been refurbished to a great condition. Maybe not like new, as such, but still, it’s technically possible to fix up an older printer. The problem is, a complete refurbishment would involve completely cleansing the system of ink and toner, making sure no old remnants were trapped inside and starting to jam the inner workings. It’s extremely unlikely that anyone would do this before selling a printer on, unless it’s been sent back to its factory for professional restoration. In that case, with new ink (which as we all know is very expensive), it might just be worth a low price.

3) TV

People rarely take as good care of their TVs as they do their other gadgets, especially once they have started to become obsolete and the original owner has decided to sell it on. Often they’re poorly packaged so they get further damage during transit, which is extremely frustrating. A good TV is probably not much cheaper to buy refurbished, but you can guarantee it will be less reliable. Is that cost saving really worth anything? We don’t think so.

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