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Who’s responsible for recycling computers?

In the United Kingdom, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive mandates who is responsible for PC recycling. Tons of e-waste is discarded yearly including many PCs and the number has been expanding rapidly. Most electronic waste ends up in landfills, rather than PC recycling sites, where it threatens to release a variety of [Continue]

How do I recycle my PC ?

Personal computers and other types of electronic waste (e-waste) are a major source of toxic pollution at landfill sites around the world. By promoting PC recycling, we can help reduce needless waste and protect our ecosystems and environment. Many people purchase new PCs on a frequent basis sometimes even buying the new yearly models once [Continue]

Why We Desperately Need More Electronic Recycling

Electronic waste materials, or e-waste, is currently a massive problem for the world, and one that tends to under-appreciated by most people. The majority of us must realise that as a consequence of our “throwaway society” today, gadgets and equipment can become obsolete faster than ever. We normally focus more on the personal cost of [Continue]

How To Recycle Your Obsolete Electronics

We talk a lot about the volume of e-waste being produced today, and various problems that may arise as a result of people not recycling their computers, TVs and other items. So, once you’re on board with the idea, how do you go about recycling those electronic goods properly? Here are the options you can [Continue]

Time To Recycle Those Computers And TVs

There are many benefits to recycling old technology, and you might be surprised how much of a difference you can make just by looking around and finding old items you have lying around. You might find that before long you have a large collection of different bits and pieces that could actually be worth something [Continue]

High Tech Trash Recycling In Ghana

If you do manage to recycle your old computer, monitor, television or phone, then that’s great and you’re hopefully contributing to a more positive future for everyone involved. Recycling with professional companies minimises the danger of increasing pollution all over the world by throwing away too many unwanted electrical appliances. Unfortunately, though, not enough people [Continue]