How do I recycle my PC ?


Personal computers and other types of electronic waste (e-waste) are a major source of toxic pollution at landfill sites around the world. By promoting PC recycling, we can help reduce needless waste and protect our ecosystems and environment.
Many people purchase new PCs on a frequent basis sometimes even buying the new yearly models once they come out. Sadly many of these same people are not aware of the harmful impact caused by improper computer disposal. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to recycle your personal computer.

The number of PC recyclers is always growing and you are likely to find one near your home, office or any other location with shops nearby. Many websites and computer apps are designed to help you find the nearest PC recycling drop-off point from your address or current location (with GPS). Often, sellers of electronic products will allow you to drop off old electronics at their site. In some cases, the law mandates that sellers provide recycling drop-off points.

You may be surprised to find that you can even earn money by recycling your computer. Some companies that recycle or refurbish old computers are willing to pay for certain types of PCs. Most have their own websites and you can check to see if you can find any cheap computers for sale. If so, you then send the computer by mail or drop it off at their location and if it passes inspection, you receive a check!

PC recyclers may refurbish the PC for reselling or donation, or salvage scrap material or parts for refurbishing or complete recycling. Most PC recycling drop-off points have bins where all you do is leave your PC without any other fuss. The process is very easy and there is likely to be a computer disposal location nearby, so there is really no excuse for not recycling your PC.
If you have a mobile phone, tablet or other mobile devices with GPS, you can install a PC recycling app that will track your current location and calculate the nearest drop off point in real time. By making the effort to recycle your computer, you will help keep our world green and healthy for present and future generations.

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