Repurpose Your PC’s Unused Bays

Computer Tower

Today we have a fun one for those people who love to maximise the potential of their PCs. If you have a desktop PC, you might be wondering why it has to be so big, and in fact you might have empty bays in your tower that aren’t being used at all! Other than adding additional hard drives or DVD drives, there’s seemingly little you can use the space for. This is where some of these ideas might come in useful. Why not give them a try?

1) Fan control system

Fans are necessary to stop your computer overheating, of course, and some PCs even have a few installed. However, they can get noisy and aren’t necessarily being used appropriate by your built-in software. You can buy an external control system that fits right into a 5.25-inch bay on your tower, and the best ones on the market will display information about your system’s temperate while allowing you to control the speed of your fans.

2) Additional ports and readers

Your PC might not have as many ports as you would like, since we all have different requirements and many models only include the essentials. Perhaps you regularly have to use an adapter to read your SD card, or maybe your USB transfers are a little sluggish because you haven’t upgraded to USB 3.0 yet. It’s easy to find add-ons for PCs that feature all these ports and more, so you can simply slot it straight into a spare bay.

3) A handy drawer

A much better use of space than leaving a bay empty, adding a small drawer to your PC can be a great way of maximising efficiency. If you have any small bits and pieces that you need nearby but don’t always want to be looking at, what better place to tidy them away than inside your tower itself?

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